My Lunch at Bapi Ristorante

Bapi Ristorante

Reviewed by David Rozek on 12/16/2011

As for lunch at Bapi, it was really very good. I had the Antipasto di Cristiano appetizer that was plentiful. It came with thinly sliced imported Italian prosciutto with fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, roasted cherry tomato, and imported green olives from Ceriniola. It was an excellent combination of robust flavors.For an entrée, I enjoyed the homemade ricotta cheese and spinach ravioli filling with butter and sage sauce. It is a dish not to be missed and I love dipping my bread in the sauce. Something that I normally wouldn’t have ordered but the lady two tables over from me was telling her friend how amazing it was so I had to try it.

The appetizer was great, the entrée was perfect, so the dessert must be the let down – I was wrong again. The Panna Cotta was better than the Chef stated and I just can not describe how creamy and wonderful it was. All I can do is say – Wow, what a meal from start to finish. Bapi Ristorante is truly a hidden gem and Chef Cristiano Bassani is a rare find.

I may not be the best writer or foodie in the world, but I sure do know good food and Bapi is just that – GOOD FOOD. Bapi Ristorante is located at:


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